OX Pro Molding Bar | 10-Inch / 250mm

SKU: OX-P083110
Barcode number: 5060242338076

The OX Pro Molding Bar at 10 inches is a professional tool designed for removing skirting and mouldings. Its extra-wide chisel blade is optimized for better leverage while minimizing damage to substrate materials. The comfortable non-slip grip handle ensures enhanced control, while the polished bevelled claw allows for improved access.

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Built with the tradesman in mind, the OX Pro Molding Bar stands as a professional-grade tool tailored specifically for the efficient removal of skirting and mouldings. Its design features an extra-wide chisel blade strategically crafted to optimise leverage while minimising potential damage to substrate materials, ensuring a delicate yet effective removal process. The tool’s non-slip grip handle offers a comfortable and secure hold, facilitating enhanced control during operation. Additionally, the polished bevelled claw further aids accessibility, allowing for improved precision and maneuverability in various removal tasks. This moulding bar represents a reliable and expertly designed companion for professionals seeking efficiency and precision in their renovation and carpentry projects.

  • Professional moulding bar for removal of skirting and mouldings
  • Extra wide chisel blade optimised to better leverage off mouldings whilst limiting damage to substrate materials
  • Comfort non-slip grip handle
  • Polished bevelled claw for better access
  • 250mm

    Manufacturer Warranty

    90-Day Hassle Free