OX Pro Aluminium Bullfloat – 600mm

SKU: OX-P016606
Barcode number: 9341231000928

The OX Pro Aluminium Bullfloat features a heavy-duty structural alloy build with extruded ribs for added strength. Its powder-coated finish ensures effortless cleaning after use. Available in sizes ranging from 600mm to 1200mm, this bullfloat from OX is an indispensable tool for achieving smooth, flawless concrete surfaces.

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Built with the tradesman in mind, the OX Pro Aluminium Bullfloat is a robust and durable tool designed specifically for concrete slab finishing. Crafted from heavy-duty structural alloy, this bull float offers exceptional strength and resilience, making it ideal for smoothing and levelling concrete surfaces. The inclusion of extruded ribs further reinforces its structural integrity, ensuring added strength and stability during use. Its powder-coated finish not only enhances durability but also simplifies the cleaning process, making maintenance hassle-free. Available in various sizes ranging from 600mm to 1200mm, this bull float caters to different project needs, providing tradespeople with a versatile and reliable tool for achieving high-quality concrete finishes.

  • Heavy duty structural alloy Bullfoat for concrete slab finishing
  • Extruded ribs for extra strength
  • Powder coated finish for easy cleaning
  • 600mm - 1200mm

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