OX Pro Chalk Reel/Chalk Bundle

Barcode number: 9341231039218

The OX Pro Chalk Reel/Chalk Bundle is an essential tool for precision marking. Featuring a 6:1 gear ratio, rubber over-moulding, a 30m 16-gauge line, and a reinforced handle, it stands as the ultimate marking solution. Also includes a bonus 115gm chalk refill.

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Built with the tradesman in mind, the OX Pro Chalk Reel/Chalk Bundle represents the pinnacle of precision marking tools. This comprehensive bundle comprises a chalk reel with a 6:1 gear ratio, ensuring swift and efficient line deployment. Designed with rubber over-moulding for enhanced grip and durability, the reel features a robust 30-meter 16-gauge line for extended use on various surfaces. The reinforced handle provides added strength and stability during operation, while the push-button stop allows for seamless line adjustment. As an added bonus, the bundle includes a 115-gram chalk refill, making it an indispensable package for accurate and efficient marking tasks across construction projects.

  • 6:1 Gear Ratio
  • Rubber overmoulded
  • 30m 16 gauge line
  • Reinforced handle
  • Push button stop

    Manufacturer Warranty

    90-Day Hassle Free